JWSC in Lahti: Bjoerseth is a new junior world champion!

11.02.2021 - JWSC Lahti 2021 medallists
11.02.2021 - JWSC Lahti 2021 medallists

Thea Minyan Bjoerseth reached the Junior World Championship title at Salpausselka (HS100) in Lahti. The Norwegian athlete won the individual competition with jumps of 98 and 92 meters. The silver medal went to Josephine Pagnier from France and the bronze medal to Jerneja Brecl from Slovenia.

The first round turned out to be a great performance by Thea Minyan Bjoerseth. The Norwegian reached 98 meters in her jump and was a confident leader at the halfway point of the competition. The second Austrian Lisa Eder (90.5 m) was 17.8 points, and the third French Josephine Pagnier (90 m) – 21.6 points behind the leader. The Slovene Jerneja Brecl (89 m) was just behind the top three.

The fifth place was taken by Anna Twardosz (84 m). Right behind her were ranked Klara Ulrichova (85 m), Anna Shpyneva (85.5 m), Julia Muehlbacher (83 m) and Nika Prevc (81 m). The list of best ten athletes was closed by Ringo Miyajima (84.5 m).

In the final round, Thea Minyan Bjoerseth sealed the triumph with a flight to 92 meters. The new junior world champion defeated the second Josephine Pagnier (91 m) with a difference of 20.5 points. Jerneja Brecl (91.5 m) was third. Lisa Eder (88 m), Anna Shpyneva (88.5 m), and Klara Ulrichova (87.5 m) were ranked just behind the podium.

Hannah Wiegele (90 m) took the seventh place, Anna Twardosz (85 m) was eighth, Jessica Malsiner (87 m) was ninth and Aleksandra Barancewa (85.5 m) finished the list of TOP10 athletes.

A team competition will be held on Friday (17:00 CET).

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