COC in Brotterode: Hannah Wiegele wins on Saturday

Hannah Wiegele won the inaugural FIS Continental Cup competition in Brotterode (HS117). The Austrian athlete triumphed with jumps of 113 m and 113.5 m. Second place went to Pauline Hessler and third was Julia Muehlbacher.

In the first round Hannah Wiegele reached the longest jump. The athlete from Austria landed on 113 meters and she was leading with an advantage of 5.3 points over Pauline Hessler (106.5 m) and 6.5 points over Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (105.5 m). The fourth was Ksenia Kablukova (105 m), the fifth was Julia Muehlbacher (106.5 m), and the sixth was Aleksandra Barantceva (109.5 m).

In her final jump, Hannah Wiegele achieved a distance of 113.5 meters and triumphed in the competition with an advantage of 12.7 points over Pauline Hessler (105.5 m). Julia Muehlbacher (102 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium, ahead of Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (104 m), Aleksandra Barantceva (107 m) and Ksenia Kablukova (100.5 m).

Thanks to the victory, Hannah Wiegele (100 points) became the leader of FIS Continental Cup, ahead of Pauline Hessler (80 points) and Julia Muehlbacher (60 points).

The final competition of the FIS Continental Cup 2020-2021 will take place on Sunday in Brotterode. The competition starts at 13:45 (CET). It will be preceded by a trial round (13:00 CET).

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