Blue Bird in Chaikovskiy: Austria wins the team competition

Team Austria
Team Austria

The Austrian team won the one-round competition at the normal hill (HS102) in Chaikovskiy, postponed from Saturday. The current world champions defeated the second Slovenes and the third Germans.

The Austrians started the competition with the second place after Daniela Iraschko-Stolz reached 86.5 meters. The world champions took the lead after the second group and the jump of Sophie Sorschag (89 m). Chiara Hoelzl (93 m) remained the first place and Marita Kramer (98 m) sealed the victory.

The Slovenes were ranked on the second place. After the jumps of Spela Rogelj (86.5 m), Katra Komar (85.5 m) and Ursa Bogataj (86 m) the team was third, but the final performance of Nika Kriznar (101 m) gave them a higher place, 25.2 points behind the victorious Austrians.

The Germans – Katharina Althaus (86.5 m), Juliane Seyfarth (87.5 m), Luisa Goerlich (88.5 m) and Anna Rupprecht (87.5 m) – stood on the lowest step of the podium.

Norway finished fourth and Russia was fifth. Japan was the leader of the competition until Yuki Seto was disqualified. Ultimately they ended the event on the 6th place. The last three places went to the teams from the Czech Republic, Canada and the United States, respectively.

The final competition of the 2020-2021 season will begin at 8:00 (CET).

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