COC in Innsbruck: Takanashi-show

22.01.2022 - COC Innsbruck podium
22.01.2022 - COC Innsbruck podium

Sara Takanashi unquestionably won the second competition of the FIS Continental Cup in Innsbruck (HS128). The athlete from Japan set a new hill record – 136 meters.

The Japanese athlete was the only one who jumped from a shorter inrun in both rounds. In the first jump she reached 123.5 meters, while in the final she soared to 136 meters. Takanashi’s result is a new record for one of the venues of the Four Hills Tournament.

The podium was completed by Aleksandra Kustova (121 and 123.5 meters) and Sophie Sorschag (124.5 and 118.5 meters). The Russian turned out to be worse than Takanashi by nearly 30 points, and the Austrian lost to the 61-time winner of the World Cup competitions with a difference of almost 50 points.

Sorschag remains the leader of the overall standings after the weekend in Tyrol, with 441 points. The next stop of the Continental Cup is Brotterode. The competition in Thuringia is scheduled for February 12 and 13.

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