Takanashi best in official training in Almaty


No big surprises in the official training in Almaty. Sara Takanashi and Yuki Ito performed strong.

The only two Grand Prix competitions of this summer will be held this weekend in Almaty, Kazhakstan. 29 jumpers from 10 countries have made it there to compete on the HS106 hill. Already today an official training was held

Clearly the best jumper today was Sara Takanashi. The Japanese jumped 99.5, 101.5 and 97.0 meters and so was furthest in all three training rounds. Also her team-mate Yuki Ito performed very strong and so jumped 97.0 and twice 96.5 meters. Taking the wind compensation into account, this meant a fourth and two second ranks.

Very stable was the jumping of Russia’s Irina Avvakumova. She made jumps of 98.0 and 96.5 meters and then passed on the third round. Also Slovenia’s Eva Logar jumped 98.0 meters in the first round, she then skipped the remaining training rounds.

Julia Kykkänen from Finland improved from round to round. After jumping 87.0 and 90.0 meters in the first two rounds, she eventually made a third jump of 91.0 meters. This was enough for the third round rank. Germany’s Katharina Althaus jumped 96.0, 91.5 and 90.0 meters. Although her second jump was only the ninth-furthest of the round, she scored the second-most points for it, due to wind compensation.