Almaty: Takanashi wins also on Sunday


Sara Takanashi won the second Grand Prix competition in Almaty on Sunday ahead of Katharina Althaus and Maja Vtic.

Sara Takanashi is simply the best jumper of this summer, and so it was no surprise, that she won also the second Grand Prix competition today in Almaty. With jumps of 99.0 and 100.0 meters she was clearly ahead of Germany’s Katharina Althaus who jumped 93.5 and 93.0 meters. Third came Slovenia’s Maja Vtic with jumps of 92.5 and 95.0 meters.

Line Jahr from Norway came fourth with jumps of 98.0 and 89.5 meters. Russia’s Sofya Tikhonova celebrated her best career result so far as fifth. She jumped 94.0 and 88.0 meters. Eva Logar from Slovenia jumped 91.5 and 89.0 meters and so took the sixth place.

A little confusing for all spectators was the fact, that Julia Kykkänen and Gyda Enger both were disqualified twice. Both were disqualified after their first jump due to improper suits. But as there were less than 30 jumpers on the start list, they were allowed to jump in the second round, starting again with a score of 0. Right after the final round jump they were disqualified again, as their suits of course were still not fitting.

With her two wins yesterday and today, Takanashi also won the overall Grand Prix of this summer, that only consisted of these two competitions. Second in this ranking is Althaus, third yesterday’s second Irina Avvakumova. The Russian came eigth today.

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