Takanashi won both Continental Cups in Trondheim


Sara Takanashi won both Continental Cups in Trondheim this weekend ahead of Sarah Hendrickson. Maren Lundby and Coline Mattel took third places.

The only two competitions in this summer’s Continental Cup series were held this weekend in Trondheim. A lot of nations were present there with their A-teams, so the competitions were held on a very high sporting level, despite of bad weather conditions with changing wind and rain. After her impressive performance two weeks ago in Almaty, it was actually no big surprise that Sara Takanashi won both competitions in Trondheim hands down.

It is very nice to note, that America’s Sarah Hendrickson took twice the second place. She tore her ACL last summer, gave her comeback at the Olympics in Sochi, but struggled to keep pace with the best jumpers. With these results she now definitely reported back within the elite. One cannot say yet, that the battle of the Sara(h)s is on again – too big was the gap between them. But Hendrickson’s performance was a clear indication, that we can look forward to see some nice and tough fights in the upcoming winter again.

In the first competition on Saturday Takanashi jumped 102.0 and 91.5 meters. For her first jump she scored only marks of 19.0 and 19.5 by the judges. Seeing this score, one is forced to wonder, if we will see the first 20.0 for a female this winter. Second Hendrickson jumped 92.5 and 90.5 meters. Third behind Sara and Sarah came Maren Lundby from Norway with jumps of 94.0 and 82.5 meters.

Coline Mattel from France took the fourth place with a pair of jumps of 88.0 and 87.5 meters. Julia Kykkänen from Finland, who came fifth, jumped 89.5 and 85.5 meters. The sixth place was shared by Anastasiya Gladysheva from Russia and Julia Clair from France. Gladysheva jumped 87.5 meters twice, Clair made jumps of 87.0 and 86.0 meters.


In the second competition on Sunday Takanashi showed jumps of 93.5 and 105.5 meters, Hendrickson jumped 91.5 and 100.5 meters. Third this day came Mattel with a pair of jumps of 91.0 and 96.5 meters.

Fourth place on Sunday was taken by Clair with jumps of 90.0 and 96.5 meters. Fifth came Norway’s Line Jahr (88.0 and 95.0 m) ahead of America’s Nita Englund (89.0 and 95.5 m).