Alexandra Kustova suspended due to missing doping control

Alexandra Kustova

The news agency TASS informed that Alexandra Kustova was suspended by the Russian Ski Federation for 18 months. The reason for that was the violation of the anti-doping regulations by the young athlete.

21-year old was suspended, because she failed to provide the required information about her whereabouts and therefore missing three doping controls over the period of 12 months. Those doping controls took place outside the competition days.

The information was confirmed by the Russian Anti-doping Agency (RUSADA). The 18 months penalty for Kustova began on 27th of November 2019.

The chairman of the Russian ski jumping and nordic combined committee informed claims that the athlete is not considering ending her sports career yet.

“Alexandra is going to try hard to stay fit and in good physical shape. She is not done with the sports, has big potential and the prospect of participating in the 2022 Winter Olympic in Pekin” – said Dubrowski.

“Already in August, when it all happened, we were aware that Alexandra’s penalty most likely could not be avoided, especially considering the general trend in the anti-doping area. We knew that her carelessness and this mistake will cost her dearly” – adds the chairman.

“Disqualification of Kustova will last until the spring of 2021. She therefore can not compete in the World Championships in Oberstdorf” – told Dubrowski.

“Alexandra punished herself, because of the lack of discipline and being thoughtless. This story shows how serious are the requirements from ADAMS, which demands the whereabouts of the athletes. It’s also a good lesson for any other sportsmen” – finished the chairman of the Russian ski jumping and nordic combined committee.