SGP in Frenstat: Trial Round for Nika Kriznar

Nika Kriznar

Just like during Friday’s training session, Nika Kriznar was the best athlete of the Trial Round before FIS Grand Prix competition in Frenstat (HS106). The representative of Slovenia jumped 93 meters.

Nika Kriznar proved, that she is the main favorite of the competition in Frenstat. The Slovene landed on the 93 meter and beat the second Jerneja Brecl (97.5 meters) and the third Marita Kramer (93 meters).

Behind the best three athletes, the next places were taken by Spela Rogelj (96 meters), Julia Clair (95 meters), Ema Klinec (89 meters) and Kinga Rajda (92 meters).

The start of the Saturday competition in Frenstat is scheduled for 10:30 (CET).

You can follow the “live scoring” via the FIS Live report >>

or Berkutschi Live report >>

SGP Frenstat (HS106); 15.08.2020 – Trial Round

127KRIZNAR Nika93.01584.5-10.263.7
216BRECL Jerneja97.51885.0-9.063.1
325KRAMER Marita93.01583.7-11.162.8
424ROGELJ Spela96.01685.0-14.661.5
523CLAIR Julia95.01683.9-13.960.2
626KLINEC Ema89.01584.3-7.958.0
721RAJDA Kinga92.01884.8-10.250.9
818PAGNIER Josephine90.01885.0-9.947.2
922KOMAR Katra92.01885.2-14.346.8
1015SORSCHAG Sophie94.52085.1-12.646.4
116INDRACKOVA Karolina92.02085.0-11.742.3
1220REISCH Agnes87.01886.1-11.639.5
134ULRICHOVA Klara88.02086.0-6.639.4
141KARPIEL Kamila87.52086.1-11.034.0
152MOHARITSCH Vanessa83.02085.4-8.827.2
1617AVOCAT GROS Oceane79.01885.0-9.425.7
1713MORAT Lucile81.52085.9-10.822.2
1812JENCOVA Veronika82.02085.7-13.320.7
1919HARALAMBIE Daniela77.01885.1-10.620.5
209HESSLER Pauline77.02085.1-8.915.1
2114PTACKOVA Stepanka78.02085.8-11.015.0
2210PESATOVA Zdenka75.52086.2-7.713.3
237WIEGELE Hannah73.02085.3-11.64.4
248LUSSI Nina72.52085.9-12.12.9
2511SZWAB Joanna70.02084.6-9.60.4
265PRZYBYLA Wiktoria59.52085.0-7.10.0
263KONDERLA Nicole65.52085.1-9.40.0