Joanna Szwab won the gold medal at the Polish Nationals

Polish Nationals Podium - Szczyrk 2020
Polish Nationals Podium - Szczyrk 2020

Joanna Szwab became a surprising Polish Champion. The competition took place on the HS 104 hill in Szczyrk on 17th of October. Szwab with her jumps on 90.5 and 97 meters beat the big favourite – Kinga Rajda (89 and 95 meters). Third place took Anna Twardosz (85.5 and 94m).

Nicole Konderla was 4th (85.5m and 94m) and well known for her World Cup starts – Kamila Karpiel – ended up 5th (81 and 90.5 m).

Overall 12 competitors entered the nationals.

Szczyrk-Skalite, 17.10.2020 (HS 104)

Rk.AthleteBirthClubDst. 1Dst. 2Total
1Joanna Szwab1997KS AZS AWF Katowice90,5 m97,0 m213.5
2Kinga Rajda2000SS-R LZS Sokół Szczyrk89,0 m95,0 m208.0
3Anna Twardosz2001KS AZS AWF Katowice85,5 m94,0 m199.5
4Nicole Konderla2001KS AZS AWF Katowice88,0 m93,0 m199.0
5Kamila Karpiel2001AZS Zakopane81,0 m90,5 m185.0
6Pola Bełtowska2006AZS Zakopane79,5 m83,5 m162.5
7Magdalena Pałasz1995AZS Zakopane80,0 m80,0 m157.5
8Wiktoria Przybyła2004SS-R LZS Sokół Szczyrk77,5 m73,5 m134.0
9Natalia Słowik2005AZS Zakopane74,5 m75,0 m133.0
10Wiktoria Polanowska2004AZS Zakopane68,0 m70,5 m104.0