Katharina Althaus became the German Champion

Katharina Althaus
Katharina Althaus

Katharina Althaus won the gold medal in today’s German Championships, which were held on the HS 106 hill in Oberstdorf. After a very exciting and tight fight Althaus managed to beat Juliane Seyfarth, who was a clear leader after the first round.

In her first jump Seyfarth managed to reach 100 meters mark and was leading by over 8 points ahead of Althaus (96.5 meters). In the second round the 29 year old jumped 97.5 meters, while Katharina Althaus landed on 100 meters. Style and wind compensation points decided however that the gold medal went to Althaus and Seyfarth was “only” second.

Third place went to Agnes Reisch (100 and 94.5m). There were 22 athletes on start. Ramona Straub and Carina Vogt were absent due to health problems. Also Pauline Hessler couldn’t participate in the nationals, because of a foot injury.

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The team competition was dominated by the TSV 1 (Seyfarth, Goerlich), winning the event with the total score of 459.4 points. Second place took SBW 1 (433 points) and third was BSV 1 (411.1 points). Individually best performance showed again Katharina Althaus (97.5 and 98 meters) and Juliane Seyfarth (96.5 and 100.5 meters). This time both athletes were separated by…only 0.7 point!

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Pl.AthleteYear of BirthDst. 1Dst.2Total
1ALTHAUS Katharina199696.5100.0237.0
2SEYFARTH Juliane1990100.097.5236.5
3REISCH Agnes1999100.094.5219.2
4GOERLICH Luisa199890.591.0204.2
5RUPPRECHT Anna199691.094.0200.4
6FREITAG Selina200190.589.5193.2
7WUERTH Svenja199397.097.0188.8
8NOWAK Jenny200292.593.0176.4
9GOEBEL Michelle200484.584.5166.7
10MAURUS Sophia200185.084.5140.5