FC in Kandersteg: Saturday competition for Josephine Pagnier

Josephine Pagnier

Josephine Pagnier won the Saturday FIS Cup competition in Kandersteg (HS106). In the first round, the French athlete reached 107 meters, setting a new hill record. In the final, she landed at 103 meters. Julia Clair (101.5 m and 101 m) was second and Lara Malsiner (102 m and 98.5 m) was third.

In the first round, Josephine Pagnier jumped away from her rivals. The French athlete set a new hill record in Kandersteg, landed at 107. meter. Lara Malsiner from Italy (102 m) was second, with a loss of 5.8 points to the leader. The third place was taken by the Friday’s winner, Julia Clair (101.5 m). Jessica Malsiner (97.5 m), Julia Muehlbacher (93 m) and Lucile Morat (93.5 m) were ranked next.

In the final, Pagnier reached 103 meters and she became the winner of Saturday competition with an advantage of 10.2 points over Julia Clair (101 m). The podium was completed by Lara Malsiner (98.5 m), who was better by 43.3 points than her sister, Jessica (85.5 m). Julia Muehlbacher (88.5 m) finished fifth, and Oceane Avocat Gros (88 m) was sixth.

Julia Clair (180 points) kept the yellow bib of FIS Cup leader. In the overall standings, the French is ahead of Josephine Pagnier (160) and Lara Malsiner (140).

The next FIS Cup competitions will be held on February 20-21, 2021 in Villach, Austria (HS98).

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