FC in Szczyrk: Vetrih wins the Wednesday competition

Nika Vetrih
Nika Vetrih

Nika Vetrih won the Wednesday FIS Cup competition on the Skalite hill (HS104) in Szczyrk. The Slovene triumphed thanks to jumps at 96 and 101.5 meters. The second place was taken by the Czech Klara Ulrichova, and the third place by the Slovenian Jerneja Repinc Zupancic.

The leader after first round was Karolina Indrackova. The winner of the Tuesday competition in Szczyrk jumped 100 meters and was 5.2 points ahead of Klara Ulrichova (95 m). Third was Nika Vetrih (96 m), and fourth was Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (93.5 m), Anna Twardosz (92 m) was in fifth place, followed by Sahra Schuller (88 m) .

In the final round, Nika Vetrih jumped for the victory. The Slovene reached 101.5 meters and was 0.2 points ahead of Klara Ulrichova (96.5 m). The third place went to Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (94.5 m), followed by Karolina Indrackova (95 m), the leader of the first round. The fifth was Anna Twardosz (94 m), and the sixth was Kamila Karpiel (92.5 m).

The entire Wednesday competition was played from the stargate no. 14.

The leaders of FIS Cup overall standings are Julia Clair and Nika Vetrih (180 points), ahead of Josephine Pagnier (160 points).

The next FIS Cup competitions are scheduled for February 20-21 in Villach, Austria (HS98).

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