WC in Ljubno: Kvandal’s maiden victory

Eirin Maria Kvandal
Eirin Maria Kvandal

Eirin Maria Kvandal reached her first victory in the FIS World Cup. The Norwegian triumphed in the Sunday competition in Ljubno (HS94) with jumps of 92 m and 89 m. The second place went to Ema Klinec (Slovenia) and the third to Marita Kramer (Austria).

After the first round, Ema Klinec was in the lead. The host athlete soared 94 meters and overtook second Eirin Maria Kvandal (92 m) by 2.4 points and third Sara Takanashi (85.5 m) by 7.6 points. Marita Kramer (84.5 m) was fourth, Maren Lundby (85 m) was fifth and Katharina Althaus (87 m) was sixth.

The top ten of first round was completed by Ursa Bogataj (83.5 m), Thea Minyan Bjoerseth (86 m), Anna Rupprecht (82.5 m) and Sophie Sorschag (84.5 m).

Eirin Maria Kvandal successfully attacked in the final jump. The Norwegian jumped 89 meters and achieved her first victory in the World Cup competition. Ema Klinec (86.5 m), who was leading at the halfway, lost 1.4 points to the winner. The Austrian Marita Kramer (88.5 m) reached the lowest step of the podium. Sara Takanashi (87.5 m), Maren Lundby (87.5 m) and Katharina Althaus (83.5 m) were placed right behind the top three.

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (84 m) finished seventh. Eighth place went to Thea Minyan Bjoerseth (83 m), ninth was Sophie Sorschag (83.5 m) and tenth was Nika Kriznar (84 m).

After Ljubno, Marita Kramer (160 points) kept the lead in the overall World Cup ranking, ahead of Sara Takanashi (110 points) and Nika Kriznar (106 points).

The next FIS World Cup competitions will be held in the next weekend, on January 30-31 at the Hochfirstschanze (HS142) in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany.

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