WCH in Oberstdorf: Austrians with a gold medal!

Team Austria
Team Austria

The Austrians won the title of the team world champions on the normal hill (HS106) at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Oberstdorf 2021. The silver medal was won by Slovenia and the bronze by Norway.

The Austrians were in the lead after the first round. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (97 m), Sophie Sorschag (88 m), Chiara Hoelzl (89.5 m) and Marita Kramer (102.5 m) were 1.4 points ahead of second Slovenians and 4.4 points ahead of third Norwegians.

Japan was ranked on 4th place, Germany was fifth, Russia was sixth, Czech Republic was seventh and Poland was eighth.

First round was the only one for teams from Finland, United States, Canada and Romania.

In the finale, after jumps of Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (99.5 m), Sophie Sorschag (93.5 m) and Chiary Hoelzl (96.5 m), Austrians were placed second, behind the Slovenes. The decisive punch was delivered by Marita Kramer, who jumped 104 meters, allowing her team to win the gold medal and world champion title.

Silver medal went to Team Slovenia, who lost 1.4 points to winners. The lowest step of the podium was taken by Norwegians.

Japan was ranked on the fourth place, ahead of Germany, Russia, Poland and Czech Republic.

The final act of events on the normal hill at the WSC in Oberstdorf will be the mixed team competition, scheduled on Sunday. The competition starts at 17:00 (CET).

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