COC in Rasnov: Brecl wins again

22.08.2021 - COC Rasnov podium
22.08.2021 - COC Rasnov podium

Just like on Saturday, also on Sunday Jerneja Brecl triumphed in the FIS Summer Continental Cup competition at the Trambulina Valea Carbunarii hill in Rasnov. The Slovenian athlete won with jumps of 92.5 m and 95 m. Bing Dong from China was second and Joanna Szwab from Poland was third.

Jerneja Brecl was in the lead already after the first round. The winner of Saturday’s competition soared 92.5 meters and was 0.6 points ahead of Liangyao Wang (90 m). The third was Qingyue Peng (88 m), and the fourth – Joanna Szwab (88.5 m).

The following places were taken by Daniela Haralambie (89 m), Xueyao Li(82 m), Josephin Laue (83 m), Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (82.5 m) and Bing Dong(82 m). The top ten was closed by Julia Muehlbacher (80.5 m).

In the final, Jerneja Brecl confirmed her high form. The Slovene landed at 95 meters and triumphed by 18.7 points over Bing Dong. The Chinese moved up from ninth to second place with a jump of 91.5 meters. Joanna Szwab (86.5 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium, ahead of Liangyao Wang (84.5 m) and Qingyue Peng(85 m).

Jerneja Repinc Zupancic (88.5 m) finished sixth. The seventh was Xueyao Li(87 m), the eighth was Josephin Laue (87.5 m), the ninth was Daniela Haralamabie (82 m), and the tenth was Julia Muehlbacher (83 m).

The new leader of the FIS Summer Continental Cup is Bing Dong (207 points), ahead of Julia Muehlbacher (204 points) and Jerneja Brecl (200 points).

The final competitions of the FIS Summer Continental Cup will be held in less than a month, on September 18-19 at the Midtstubakken (HS106) in Oslo.

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