COC in Oslo: Katharina Althaus’ spectacular win

18.09.2021 - COC Oslo podium
18.09.2021 - COC Oslo podium

Katharina Althaus became the winner of Saturday’s Summer Continental Cup competition at the Midtstubakken hill (HS106) in Oslo. The German athlete won with jumps of 107.5 m and 105.5 m. Second was Pauline Hessler and third Juliane Seyfarth.

In the first round, Katharina Althaus overtook her rivals. The German, who jumped from two gates shortened inrun, achieved a distance of 107.5 meters and was leading with an advantage of 14.5 points over Pauline Hessler (97.5 m) and 26.1 points above Juliane Seyfarth (94.5 m). Just behind the top three were Hannah Wiegele (95.5 m), Frida Westman (93.5 m) and Jenny Rautionaho (91 m).

Selina Freitag (94.5 m) was ranked on seventh place, ahead of Ksenia Kablukova (89.5 m) and Anna Shpyneva (86 m). The top ten was closed by Anna Rupprecht (82 m).

In the final, Katharina Althaus didn’t give her opponents any chances again. From the shortened inrun, the German soared to a distance of 105.5 meters and triumphed in Oslo with an advantage of 53.8 points over the second Pauline Hessler (90 m). Juliane Seyfarth (92 m) completed the German podium, ahead of Jenny Rautionaho (91.5 m), Frida Westman (89.5 m) and Hannah Wiegele (86 m).

Anna Shpyneva (92 m), Anna Rupprecht (92 m), Selina Freitag (85 m) and Ksenia Kablukova (80 m) were also ranked in the top ten of Saturday’s competition.

The Austrian Julia Muehlbacher (219 points) is in the lead before the last competition of the FIS Summer Continental Cup 2021. Bing Dong is second (207 points) and Jerneja Brecl is third (200 points).

The sunday competition in Oslo is scheduled at 9:45 CET.

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