FC in Kandersteg: Chervet takes a win


Emma Chervet won Friday’s FIS Cup competition in Kandersteg (HS106). The French athlete triumphed with jumps on 88.5 m and 95.5 m. Martina Ambrosi was second and Kseniia Piskunova finished third.

In the first round, Emma Chervet flew away from her rivals. The French teenager scored 88.5 meters and led with an advantage of 15.6 points over Kseniia Piskunova (81.5 m) and 16 points over Sina Arnet (82 m).

Rea Kindlimann (80.5 m) was ranked on the 4th place. The fifth was Lia Boehme (80.5 m) and the sixth was Martina Ambrosi (79 m).

In the final, Emma Chervet sealed the triumph with a flight of 95.5 meters. The almost 18-year-old French athlete defeated the second Martina Ambrosi (92.5 m) with a difference of 26.8 points. Kseniia Piskunova (92 m) stood on the lowest step of the podium. Lia Boehme (90 m) finished fourth, Rea Kindlimann was fifth (86 m) and Anna-Fay Scharfenberg (84.5 m) was sixth.

There have been no changes in the FIS Cup overall standings. Julia Muehlbacher and Peng Qingyue are leading (373 points each) ahead of Dong Bing (305 points).

The second competition in Kandersteg is scheduled for Saturday. The event will start at 9.30 CET.

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