GP in Wisla: Bogataj wins at the beginning of summer season

23.07.2022 - GP Wisla podium

The third victory in a row of Ursa Bogataj at the Adam Malysz hill (HS134)! The Olympic champion triumphed in the inaugural competition of the FIS Grand Prix in Wisla after jumps on 121.5 m and 118.5 m. The Slovenian was ahead of Marita Kramer by 0.1 points, and Nika Kriznar completed the podium.

Marita Kramer was in the lead after the first round. The winner of the Crystal Glober landed at 119 meters and was 0.8 points ahead of Josephine Pagnier (125 m). The third place was taken by Ursa Bogataj (121.5 m) ahead of her teammate, Nika Kriznar (116.5 m). Chiara Kreuzer (118.5 m) was fifth and Selina Freitag (123.5 m) was sixth.

In the final, Ursa Bogataj, who achieved a distance of 118.5 meters, soared to win. The Slovenian was just 0.1 points ahead of Marita Kramer (118 m). The Austrian turned out to be better than the third Nika Kriznar (124.5 m) with the same point difference. Josephine Pagnier (109.5 m), Katharina Althaus (111.5 m) and Chiara Kreuzer (114.5 m) finished just behind the podium.

The first leader of the FIS Summer Grand Prix became Ursa Bogataj (100 points), ahead of Marita Kramer (80 points) and Nika Kriznar (60 points).

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