Magdalena Schnurr new German Champion


Last weekend the German Championships in Oberhof were held on the K-66 hill. Girls started individually and in the teams. Unexpectedly Magdalena Schnurr won, who jumped on 68 and 70,5 meter.

She beat Jenna Mohr and Juliane Seyfarth. The best in B category was Anna Rupprecht ahead of Franziska Schubert and Nancy Br├╝ckner. In the team’s championships gold was won by Baden-W├╝rttemberg I with Magdalena Schnurr and Melanie Faisst. Next positions belong to Baden-W├╝rttemberg II and Hessen.

In the team’s competition Jenna Mohr jump on 72 meter. It was only 0,5 meter worse than Hocke’s result, which is junior hill’s record.
Damjan Vogler, who is the coach of team A said that this Championships were the begining of the qualifications for the World Championships in Liberec 2009.

Category A, K-66
1. Magdalena Schnurr, SV Baiersbronn; 247,6 (68; 70,5 m)
2. Jenna Mohr, SC Willingen; 244,8 (70; 71,5 m)
3. Juliane Seyfarth, TSG Ruhla; 239,6 (66,5; 69,50m)
Category B, K-66
1. Anna Rupprecht, SC Degenfeld; 213,0 (61; 66 m)
2. Franziska Schubert, SV Fortuna P├Âhla; 195,9 (62,5; 60,5 m)
3. Nancy Br├╝ckner, SV St├╝tzengr├╝n; 180,5 (59, 58 m)

1. SBW I 478,3
Melanie Fai├čt, 70,5; 68 m
Magdalena Schnurr 67,5; 70 m
2. SBW II 448,4
Svenja W├╝rth, 68; 67 m
Carina Vogt; 67; 63 m
3. HSV I 435,1
Jenna Mohr, 58; 72 m
Anna H├Ąfele, 63; 70 n

Complete results: