Ladies CoC in Bischofshofen: Comeback of Anette Sagen


Anette Sagen won the first Ladies Continental Cup competition in Bischofshofen (HS 78). After a very close contest, Norwegian top ski jumper jumped twice 71 meters, exactly the same as Izumi Yamada, but she was 0.5 pts. better in style. Third place took Maja Vtic (71 and 70,5m).

Long and nice 70 meters jumps had also Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, but it was enough only for the 4th place. Bigna Windmueller was 5th (69 and 71m) and Ayumi Watase 6th (69,5 and 70,5m).

The German Champion – Magdalena Schnurr – this time was “only” 7th (69,5 and 69,5m), ex aequo with Ulrike Graessler (71,5 and 70m).

Next competition is scheduled tomorrow morning, and it will be the last event before a one month break.

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