Elena Runggaldier golden medalist of the Italian Championships


Elena Runggaldier won her second Italian Championships this summer. 18 year old jumper was the best in the competition, which was held on HS 106 hill in Predazzo.

Elena jumped 95 and 96 meters and was ahead of Lisa Demetz by only 0.5 point, thanks to her good style. It was Lisa Demetz, however, who had the best length of the day. After the 1st jump of 95 meters, she landed at the 99th meter. The bronze medal took Evelyn Insam who jumped 90 and 93 meters.

A month ago, the Italian Championships were held in Pragelato. Also there Elena Runggaldier was the best, ahead of Lisa Demetz and Evelyn Insam, what confirms, that those three athletes are currently the best Italian jumpers.

The results of the Italian Championships in Predazzo, 21.08.2008:
1. Elena Runggaldier – Sc Gardena 95,5+96,0 m (250,5 pts.)
2. Lisa Demetz – Sc Gardena 95,0+99,0 m (250,0 pts.)
3. Evelyn Insam – Sc Gardena 90,0+93,0 m (225,0 pts.)
4. Barbara Stuffer – Sc Gardena 90,0+90,0 m (219,0 pts.)
5. Simona Senoner – Sc Gardena 86,5+88,0 m (205,0 pts.)
6. Nadine Kostner – Sc Gardena 66,0+68,0 m (114,0 pts.)