Schnurr and Jahr the best at the training in Oberstdorf


Magdalena Schnurr and Line Jahr jumped the best on Thursday in the two official training rounds, before the Continental Cup competition in Oberstdorf (HS 100).

The young German won the first training with the jump of 89,5m. Second place took Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (88,5m) and third – Line Jahr (88m).

In the second training round Lindsey Van and Line Jahr had the longest jumps of 94 meters. Only one meter shorter jumped Ulrike Graessler. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Anette Sagen landed on 90 meter.

The first competition in Oberstdorf is scheduled today, at 17:00.

The top 10 of the 1st training round:
1. Magdalena Schnurr (Germany) 89,5m
2. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (Austria) 88,5m
3. Line Jahr (Norway) 88,0m
4. Ulrike Graessler (Germany) 87,0m
5. Anette Sagen (Norway) 86,0m
6. Jenna Mohr (Germany) 83,5m
7. Izumi Yamada (Japan) 82,0m
8. Maja Vtic (Slovenia) 81,5m
9. Lindsey Van (USA) 81,0m
10. Alissa Johnson (USA) 78,0m

The top 10 of the 2nd training round:
1. Lindsey Van (USA) 94,0m
1. Line Jahr (Norway) 94,0m
3. Ulrike Graessler (Germany) 93,0m
4. Jaqueline Seifriedsberger(Austria) 90,0m
5. Anette Sagen (Norway) 90,0m
6. Magdalena Schnurr (Germany) 89,5m
7. Malika Schuepbach (Switzerland) 89,0m
8. Jenna Mohr (Germany) 87,5m
9. Izumi Yamada (Japan) 86,5m
10. Elena Runggaldier (Italy) 86,0m
10. Avery Ardovino (USA) 86,0m