Two Swiss jumpers successfully operated


Sabrina Windmüller and Malika Schüpbach have been operated on recently. While Malika’s operation on the cruciate ligament had been already planed for some weeks, Sabrina’s was necessary due to a bad fall.

After a fall of Sabrina Windmüller in a training jump in Einsiedeln a shoulder dislocation was diagnosed. It was fixed under narcosis. As her elbow was still aching after the operation further examinations were done. The medics discovered that the elbow was broken. It was fixed in a second operation.

Sabrina won’t be able to jump for some weeks, but will hopefully be able to participate at the seasons opening in Park City on December the 13th.

Also Malika Schüpbach, who broke her cruciate ligament during training in Liberec in October, was operated recently at Lausanne Hospital. The operation was successful and she will begin a physical therapy soon. If recovery runs without problems she will be able to return to the trainings no sooner than in the spring 2009.