Anna Hafele: “I did not expect to win”

Archives editor – Stefan Diaz had the opportunity to talk to the German ski jumper – Anna Häfele – after her double victory in Park City. Anna, congratulations on your first two COC victories. Had you expected this win and what kind of feeling it is to stand on top of the podium?

Anna Häfele: Well, after the official trainings I did not expect to win. It did not look like a victory at all, even not like a top six result. But to be on top two times in a row anyhow feels weird in some way. Actually I have not believed it fully yet. Especially because this summer did not go too well for you. How had you prepared yourself for the winter? Were you able to do a lot of jumps on snow?

Anna Häfele: Well after the last summer competitions I did basically strength training, as I was unable to do any in summer because of my illness. Because I’m employed at the German Federal Police now, I have perfect training conditions and I can focus myself totally on my sports, without school stress. The first winter jumps I did in the mid of November, when we went to Ramsau, were we stayed for almost a week. Do you think your jumping has more power now as a result to the intense strength training? Is this an advantage?

Anna Häfele: Yes, it has. I notice that especially when doing imitations or elasticity jumps. Of course I can benefit of that also on the jumping hill. The other athletes of the German team were also able to perform well. Do you push each other to a higher level or do you all do your own stuff alone?

Anna Häfele: I would say the feeling is mixed, on the one hand you share happiness about good results with each other, on the other hand it is an individual sport, where everybody jumps alone. The next competitions will be held on the new Olympic venue in Whistler. Do you have any goals you want to achieve there? Maybe another victory? Or keeping the lead in overall COC?

Anna Häfele: I have not set any goal yet, I just want to have good jumps there and perform solidly. If my technique works the way I want it to, good results do come automatically. Keeping the lead in the COC would of course be great. Good luck and of course I keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for answering my questions.

Anna Häfele: Thank you!