WCH in Liberec: No big surprises in the official trainings


Four training rounds were held in Liberec. Two Czech jumpers fell and were not able to participate in further trainings. Daniela Iraschko won two of four training rounds held.

Due to strong winds the first training round on Tuesday was abandoned after twelve year old competitor Natalie Dejmkova (CZE) fell during her jump. She was not able to start in the training rounds on the next days.

On Wednesdays one training round was held. During that round the inrun length was modified several times and a lot of breaks had to be taken due to wind and snow. Starting from gate 27 Junior Championship’s bronze medallist Coline Matell (FRA) set the trainings longest jump to 99.0 m. Second from that gate was Japanese Izumi Jamada (88.5 m) ahead of Elena Runggaldier (ITA). First rank from gate 24 took Anna Häfele (GER) with a 97.0 m jump. That was the second longest jump of the training round. Second from that gate was Jessica Jerome (USA) with 92.5 m and third was Junior World Champion Magdalena Schnurr (GER) with 91.0 m. The last five starters even started from gate 23. Best of that group with the trainings third longest jump was Ulrike Grässler (GER), 94.5 m. Anette Sagen (NOR) and Daniela Iraschko (AUT) placed behind with 93.5 and 93.0 m. Bad luck had Czech starter Lucie Mikova who fell when landing her jump and has probably an injured knee.

Despite there was some snowfall on Thursday, weather conditions allowed to hold three training rounds. Iraschko performed best and won two of them, setting the day’s longest jump to 101.0 m in the third round. In the second round she made it to the third place. The second round was the only one that was held with an equal inrun length for all. That round was won by Häfele with a 97 m jump. In the first and third round she only placed 17th and 20th. Sagen finished second in the second and third round after already taking place three in the first. Schnurr, who had the fastest inrun speed in all rounds, was able to take the second place in the first round and placed 5th in the other rounds. Nata de Leeuw (CAN), still ranked 17th and 31st in the first two rounds finally took the third place in the last round. Matell, best in yesterdays training, shared the third place with Iraschko in the second round. In the first and third round she finished 13th and 18th. Americas white hope Lindsey Van, second in the Continental Cup’s overall standings, placed twice 8th and once 9th. A fourth place in the third round was the best rank for Grässler, who won both CoCs last September here in Liberec.

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