Lindsey Van is the World Champion!


Lindsey Van is the first World Champion in the history on ski jumping. With the day’s longest jump to 97.5 m she beat second placed Ulrike Grässler and third Anette Sagen.

In the first round there was snowfall and wind from behind so it was difficult to jump for all jumpers and only few jumps went over the K-point. Coline Mattel (FRA) was the first one to set a long jump. Her 90.0 m were enough to take the leading position for a long time and finally to take the third round rank. First rank was taken by Ulrike Grässler (GER) who jumped 93.5 m. The same distance was set by second ranked Anette Sagen (NOR). Due to lower judges points Sagen was 1.5 points behind Grässler. On the places four to eight Lindsey Van (USA), Daniela Iraschko (AUT), Magdalena Schnurr (GER), Anna Häfele (GER) and Line Jahr (NOR) were all placed within four points to place three and still had a good base for the second round.

In the second round the inrun lengt was extended by one gates. At first this allowed longer jumps and some jumpers were able to gain some places, such as Helena Olsson Smeby (NOR), who was able to jump from the 27th to the 16th rank. As snow and descending wind got stronger soon most jumps were on the same level as in the first round. Most of the starters in the leading group were able to do a jump on the same level as in the first round. Van, fourth after the first round, was able to set a 97.5 m jump – the longest of the day. That was enough for her to become world champion with a clear margin of four points ahead of second placed Grässler. Bronze medal winner is Sagen, just a half point behind Grässler. Bad luck for Iraschko, after performing best in the official training rounds and also winning today’s trial round she only placed on the fourth rank.

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