Interview with Julia Kykkaenen


Julia Kykkänen (15) from Lahti is the only Finish competitor on the Ladies Continental Cup. editor Stefan Diaz had the opportunity to have a chat with the aspiring athlete. Read here, what we were talking about. The last ski jumping season was your second in the Continental Cup. You took the 41st Rank in the overall standings and made a 22nd place at the JWC and a 26th at the World Championships. Are you satisfied with the season?
Julia Kykkänen: Well… yes. You had actually a memorable start that winter. In your first competition’s training in Schonach, you performed a spectacular fall… what exactly happened??
Julia Kykkänen: I don’t know exactly but maybe I made a little mistake. OK. That happens.
Julia Kykkänen: Sometimes. At the first World Championships in ladies ski jumping you were the only finish competitor. Can you describe, how it was like to start there?
Julia Kykkänen: It was nice, funny and little bit exciting. What was more fun? Starting in Liberec or taking the Japan trip?
Julia Kykkänen: Maybe in Japan. I think many people in Japan will be proud to read that
Julia Kykkänen: I think that same. Next topic. Besides ski jumping you also play football and of course you have to go to school. Is it easy for you to handle both – school and training?
Julia Kykkänen: Well..almost yes… but I have to do much more work than they do in school. When you miss some days at school because there are competitions or so… do you get support by the teachers?
Julia Kykkänen: Well, when I’m in school then I get, but when we are somewhere on a trip then I have to do everything myself. You are right now the only athlete in the finish team. Do you think that you would do better, if the team was larger or does this not make a difference, as skijumping is an individual sport anyway?
Julia Kykkänen: I have good training friends in Lahti like my brothers, Veli-Matti, Harri Olli… But it would be nice if I had some Finnish girl whit me on the trip. OK. So just 3 more questions…
Julia Kykkänen: Yes, sure. Do you have any archetype or idol in skijumping?
Julia Kykkänen: Harri Olli. whats your favourite jumping hill?
Julia Kykkänen: Lahti K 90. That’s a nice one… So last question: What is your goal for the upcoming season? A medal at the Junior-World Championships maybe?
Julia Kykkänen: Jumping good every competition and better than in the last season. thank you very much for the interview. Kiitos!
Julia Kykkänen: No problem! Ole hyvä, you’re welcome.