The Olympic dream is over


The case at British Columbia Supreme Court to force IOC to make ladies ski jumping olympic failed – there won’t be a ladies competition at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

As Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees equality of women and men, 15 athletes started a bid against VANOC, the organizing committee of the games, at the BC Supreme Court in the last year.

After a hearing on April 20 that year the justice Lauri Ann Fenlon released her judgement on July 10. In this she decided against the bid. In her declaration of the reasons for judgment she clearly speaks out that it is discrimination based on sex, that women are not allowed to participate. But she also notes, that VANOC is just implementing a decision made by the IOC not to include the ladies to the Olympic programme.

As the IOC is not a Canadian organization, it is outside the Canadian law and so can’t be sentenced by a Canadian court to include a ladies competition.

Many athletes and coaches, as well as female rights organizations, reacted disappointed. All eyes are now on Sochi 2014, as the FIS wants to make a new claim at the IOC to include the ladies then.