Ulrike Graessler breaks Iraschko’s winning streak


Ulrike Grässler wins ahead of Daniela Iraschko and Sarah Hendrickson. Sagen, Mattel and Faisst on ranks four to six.


Once again it was a very close result between Austria’s Daniela Iraschko and Germany’s Ulrike Grässler. But after six wins in a row for Iraschko, this time Grässler was sucessful. It is the second win of the season for her.

The trial round was aborted after 19 jumpers, as the inrun track was very rippled and had to be prepared newly. After more than one hour the trial round was restarted. There were good weather conditions and there was absolutely no wind influencing the competition.

Grässler laid the base for her win in the first round, when she jumped on 96.0 meters, whereas Iraschko only jumped on 93.0 meters. In the second round 99.0 m, the competition’s longest distance, were not enough for Iraschko to catch up to Grässler, who jumped 97.0 meters. “I am very happy to win, as it was so close in al the competitions before. Dani is very hard to beat in that season, but I think she can get over it,” Grässler said after the competition.

Also Iraschko was not unhappy with the result: “I am very content with my second jump. Next time I jump one meter more and land with a telemark. 100 meters are possible on that hill, I think,” she said.

The third place was taken by America’s Sarah Hendrickson. 91.5 and 90.5 meters were enough for her to take that position. “The weather was good, the hill was well prepared, so I am very happy,” she said after the competition. Anette Sagen (NOR, 90.5 and 92.0 m) placed fourth ahead of Coline Mattel (FRA, 87.5 and 93.0 m) and Melanie Faist (GER, 86.5 and 90.0 m).

In the overall Continental Cup Iraschko is still in the lead with 1264 points. Second ranked Grässler has 987 points, Sagen is on third place (930 points).

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