Daniela Iraschko wins in Zakopane


Daniela Iraschko won the first competition in Zakopane. Ulrike Grässler and Anette Sagen took the second and third rank.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko has once again given prove, that she is that winter’s best female skijumper. Two jumps on 90.5 and 91.5 m were enough for her to clearly win today’s competition ahead of Ulrike Grässler (GER, 85.5 and 88.5 m) and Norway’s Anette Sagen (83.5 and 80.5 m). It is the 12th victory for Iraschko in that winter season.

Caroline Espiau (FRA, 82.5 and 79.5 m) took the fourth rank ahead of Slovenia’s Eva Logar (78.0 and 81.5 m). Sixth rank took Switzerland’s Salome Fuchs (73.5 and 81.5). For Fuchs, who was fighting to see the second round in most competitions before, it was the best result in that winter.

In the overall Continental Cup, Iraschko has now 1544 points. Second ranked Grässler has 1227, third ranked Sagen 1102 points. After Iraschko prematurely secured her win in the overalls last week in Zao, it is now also certain that Grässler has taken the second rank.

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