Jenna Mohr wins first competition in Bischofsgruen


Jenna Mohr won the inaugural Continental Cup competition of that summer. Abby Hughes and Sarah Hendrickson on second and third place.

There was constant upwind all afternoon at the hill in Bischofsgrün, so really good conditions were given for an interesting competition. Unfortunately the overcast sky deterred many people from attending the competition, so not as many spectators as in previous years came to the hill.

With two jumps on 67.0 and 66.5 m Germany’s Jenna Mohr was able to win the competition ahead of Abby Hughes (USA). As Hughes jumped the same distances as Mohr, the judges points were decisive. Mohr scored 237,7 points in total, while Hughes only scored 236,7. Mohr was a little surprised by her win: “I knew that my jumping is good, but I was not able to compare it with others. So the victory was a little surprising,” she said. Mohr jumped with a bandage on her right arm, as she had some injury last Monday. But obviously it did not interfere her. “I was already in Bischofsgrün two years ago. It is a good competition here,” Hughes said.

Third rank behind Mohr and Hughes took America’s Sarah Hendrickson (65.0 and 66.5 m).
American head coach Kjell Ivar Magnusen was happy with the performance of his team: “I am happy. It was a good start for us. We had two girls on the podium and three in the top 15. So I am satisfied,” he said to

Fourth and fifth rank was taken by the two Japanese, Yuuki Itoh (65.5 and 66.5 m) and Sarah Takanashi (65.0 and 65.5 m). Sixth rank took Germany’s Anna Häfele (66.0 and 65.0 m). So there were only three nations sharing the first six ranks.

With five jumpers among the top 12, Germany clearly had the best result as a team. But bad luck had Germany’s most successful jumper of the last few years, Ulrike Grässler. With a 66.5 meter jump, she was on the third rank after the first round. But her second jump was totally messed up, so she fell back to the 21th rank.

The Austrian team came to Bischofsgrün with a B-squad, coached by Martin Höllwarth. For most of the Austrian Girls it was their first Continental Cup competition ever. Unfortunately none of the young girls made it to the second round. It was a blessing in disguise for Lisa Wiegele, that she was not seriously injured and able to stand up again, after she overbalanced during her jump and crashed on the hill at 46.5 meters.

The première in the Continental Cup for the Romanian Team was also not so successful. While Denisa Torok did not start, her team-mate Dana Vasilica Haralambie had a pretty good jump in the first round, but was disqualified as her skis were too long.

The next competition is tomorrow, 3pm again here in Bischofsgrün.

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