Oberwiesenthal: Seifriedsberger best in training


Jacqueline Seifriedsberger performs best in both official training rounds in Oberwiesenthal.

There was some good and almost constant upwind during the two official training rounds this morning in Oberwiesenthal. Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger performed best of all in them. She jumped on 101.0 and 102.5 meters. With the high constancy of these two jumps, she is clearly the frontrunner in today’s competition.

The longest jump behind her was by Norway’s Line Jahr on 99.5 m in the first training round. Both, Seifriedsberger and Jahr, did not compete at last weekend’s CoC- competitions in Bischofsgrün. While the Norwegian team skipped the competitions there in common, Austria was just represented by a youth-team there.

Also athletes of other countries had pretty long jumps, such as Sarah Hendrickson (USA, 97.0 m, the 2nd Round), Sarah Takanashi (JPN, 96.5 m, 2nd), Juliane Seyfarth (98,0 m, 1st) and Yuuki Itoh (JPN, 89.5 m, 2nd).