Seifriedsberger wins also second competition in Oberwiesenthal


Jacqueline Seifriedsberger wins second competition in Oberwiesenthal. Coline Mattel and Yuki Ito take second and third rank.

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger won also Saturday’s competition in Oberwiesenthal. The 19 year old Austrian was again clearly the best jumper. Already in the trial round she jumped on 105 meters. Despite she hurt her knee when landing that long jump, she was able to participate in the competition. “It did not affect my jumping, but it was a bit harder to land,” she said to about that injury.

There was warm and sunny weather in Oberwiesenthal, but the competition was again influenced by changing wind conditions. Wind was low most time, but some jumpers were able to profit from upwind, while others struggled through tailwind.

Seifriedsberger clearly won the competition with two jumps on 99.5 and 93.5 meters. “For me these summer competitions are some kind of training. For sure they are important and you can gather experience, but they are not as important as the winter competitions,” she said to

Second rank took Coline Mattel (FRA, 95.0 and 96.5) ahead of Japan’s Yuki Ito (92.0 and 95.5 m).

With Sara Takanashi taking the fifth rank, Japan again had two jumpers among the six bests. “This is a very good time for Japan here in Germany. We always had two in the top six,” said coach Yataro Watase to

Also the German team was able to place two jumpers in the top six. Juliane Seyfarth (93.0 and 94.5 m) took the fourth rank, Ulrike Grässler (90.0 and 94.5) jumped in the second round from nine to six. Their team-mate Jenna Mohr jumped 98.5 meters in the first round and took the second rank after the round. But as her second jump was only on 86.5 meters, she fell back to the 8th position. “I have the problem at the moment, that am too fast in the first third of the jump. If this meets with bad wind conditions, it is easy to loose ten meters on a hill like this,” she said.

Norway’s Anette Sagen was again unlucky. Like yesterday she missed the final round also today. Still in the trial round, she had a pretty good jump, but in the first round she only jumped on 47.5 meters.

Summer Tour

The results of the Continental Cups in Bischofsgrün and Oberwiesenthal and the FIS-Race in Pöhla were used to create a Summer Tour ranking. After the victory ceremony for today’s competition, the winners of this tour were honoured. Winner of the tour is Coline Mattel. “I am very happy. Because when I came to the tour, I never thought I could win it,” she said to Second in this ranking is Sara Takanashi, third Sarah Hendrickson (USA), who took the ninth rank in today’s competition.

In the overall Continental Cup Hendrickson is still leading (249 points), followed by Takanashi (220 points) and Mattel (213 points).

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