Jenna Mohr has a broken wrist


Already for two weeks Jenna Mohr has a broken wrist, but this was not diagnosed until yesterday.

Germany’s Jenna Mohr, winner of the inaugural Continental Cup in Bischofsgrün, was jumping there and in Oberwiesenthal with a broken wrist. She was wearing a bandage at her right arm, as she knew about an injury, but the diagnosis that it is broken was not made until yesterday.

Mohr suffered that injury two weeks ago during training in Oberhof. She was jumping over steely hurdles there. One hurdle slid away, when she jumped on it. She fell and her arm broke at the crash.

At first only a hairline crack was diagnosed, but a new examination yesterday showed, that the wrist is broken. She has to wear a plaster cast for the next two weeks now. Nevertheless she is able to continue jumping, as the plaster is so slim, that she can wear her jumpsuit over it. wishes her a speedy recovery.