Anette Sagen best in official training in Liberec.


Anette Sagen performed best in today’s official training in Liberec. Daniela Iraschko and Coline Mattel do not compete here.

That morning the official training for this summer’s final Ladies Continental Cup in Liberec was held. A little surprising, Norway’s Anette Sagen performed best of all in this training. With two jumps on 96.0 and 93.0 meters she set the training’s longest distance and was the most consistent of all. Sagen, the best female skijumper over the years, was off form this summer and took only ranks in the middle of the field at the last competitions.

Also Italy’s Lisa Demetz (94.5 and 93.5 m) and Germany’s Melanie Faisst (90.5 and 92.5 m) were able to jump across the 90-meter mark in both rounds. After a good jump on 94.5 meters in the first training round, Elena Runggaldier (ITA) skipped the second jump. Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Norway’s Line Jahr both jumped on 95.0 meters in one of the rounds, but had slightly weaker jumps in the other one.

Daniela Iraschko (AUT), winner of the last six CoCs, is not participating at the competitions in Liberec. Her team-mate Seifriedsberger has still the chance to pass her by in the overall Continental Cup, but only if she is able to win tomorrow. Also Coline Mattel (FRA), who was leading in the overall cup until the last weekend, is not competing in Liberec.