No decision by the Olympic Committee yet


IOC placed the decision on an Olympic Ladies Skijumping competition on hold.

At its meeting in Acapulco (MEX), the IOC Executive Board has put back the decision, if Ladies Skijumping will be Olympic in 2014. It is now planned to decide after the World Championships in Oslo in March. There the discipline will have to prove, that it is developed enough for the Olympics.

Since the last World Championships in 2009 in Liberec, the performance level of the entire field rose clearly. Maybe the most notable step forward was made this summer. At the Continental Cups that where attended by the whole global elite, a jump on 80 meters was often insufficient to make it to the second round (on an average K90-hill). Still in the last winter, the same distance had normally been enough to take a place among the best fifteen.

We can only hope, that weather conditions will be fine at the World Championships, so that all jumpers can perform best of their ability. If so, the competition there will be convincing and inflammatory in any case.