Continental Cup continues in Vikersund


Daniela Iraschko was best in today’s official training in Vikersund. The French and the Dutch team are joining the Continental Cup.

The Continental Cup continues this weekend on the the HS117 in Vikersund. As Finnlands largest airline Finair is still on strike, most of the teams got there from Rovaniemi only on detours. To avoid the loss of any equipment during travel, skis and other items were carried in a truck all the way.

The French and the Dutch team, that were not competing in Rovaniemi, are joining the Continental Cup now. The Slovenian Team is reinforced by Anja Tepes.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, winner of both competitions on this hill in the last year, was best in today’s official training. With 113.0 meters in the first round, she jumped farthest of all. Also her second jump on 107.0 m was pretty good. With 106.5 and 110.0 m America’s Lindsey Van was able to set the longest distance of the second round.

Also Melanie Faisst (GER, 110.0 and 104.5 m), Jessica Jerome (USA, 106.0 and 104.5 m), Coline Mattel (FRA, 104.0 and 104.0 m), Anette Sagen (NOR, 104.0 and 102.0 m) and Anna Häfele (GER, twice 100.5 m) crossed the 100 meter mark in both of their jumps.

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