Official training in Notodden without surprises


Daniela Iraschko and Melanie Faisst performed best in the official training rounds in Notodden this evening.

The Ladies Continental Cup continues on Friday and Saturday in Notodden. Today in the evening two official training rounds were held on the K90 there. The leading jumpers of the last competitions in Rovaniemi and Vikersund were also the best ones in this training. Once more Austria’s Daniela Iraschko jumped farthest in both training rounds (93.5 and 102.0 m).

Germany’s Melanie Faisst, who steadily took the fifth rank in the last tree competitions, had a pair of almost equal jumps on 92.0 and 93.0 meters. Jessica Jerome (USA), winner of the first competition in Rovaniemi, jumped on 95.0 meters the second round, after jumping 88.0 m in the first. Also Coline Mattel (FRA, 89.0 and 92.0 m) and Lindsey Van (USA, 86.5 and 90.0 m) were able to jump across the K-point in one of their jumps.

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