Maja Vtic won Slovenian Championships


Maja Vtic won on Tuesday in Kranj ahead of Eva Logar and Å pela Rogelj.

On Tuesday the Slovenian Championships were held on the K100 in Kranj. Maja Vtic won the competition with a pair of jumps on 106.5 and 108.0 meters. Runner-up Eva Logar even jumped 108.0 and 109.0 meters, but was unable to stand her first jump and thus got only poor judges points for it. Å pela Rogelj also jumped over the 100 meter line in both of her jumps and took the third rank (100.0 and 105.0 m).

Ranks four to seven were taken by Anja Tepeš (93.0 and 98.0 m), Urša Bogataj (98.0 and 73.0 m), Manja Pograjc (81.5 and 77.0 m) and Julija Sršen (twice 76.0 m).

Full Results can be found here: