Bad weather conditions in Schonach


Rain and warm temperatures harmed the hill in Schonach. Official training was rescheduled to 7:00 PM.

Since yesterday, there are warm temperatures around +6° and rain here in Schonach. Not only everywhere around in the area, also on the jumping hill the snow has started to melt.

As part of the reconstruction and modernization activities during the last summer, the inrun track was equipped with a cooling system. So the main problem is the landing hill and the outrun area. The organizers have made some cuts into the hill, so that the melted water is able to flow away.

As this measure is still in progress, the official training, that was scheduled for 1:00 PM today, has been cancelled. It was decided, that there is a try to hold the training at approximately 7:00 PM. If the weather does not get worse, there is also a chance, that the competitions tomorrow and on Sunday can be held.

The weather conditions do not only affect the Ladies Continental Cup, but also the Nordic Combined World Cup, that is held here also this weekend.

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