Iraschko dedicates victory to Simona Senoner


Remembrance on Simona Senoner was present all the time at Daniela Iraschko’s victory in Schonach. Mattel and Faisst on second and third rank.

It was an unique competition today in Schonach. Yesterday’s news that Simona Senoner passed away was omnipresent during the whole event. Some thousands of spectators came to the hill, but this did not change it, that the atmosphere among athletes was gloomy most of the time. In honour of Simona, almost all jumpers wore a black armband over their jumpsuits. Some girls even had some tears in their eyes after their jumps. Together with the flower ceremony a minute’s silence was observed after the competition.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, who won the competition with two jumps on 96 and 96.5 meters, said to “This was the toughest competition ever. It was very difficult to focus on jumping, because of the circumstances. I like to dedicate this victory, especially the great second jump, to Simona. I will never forget her.”

Coline Mattel from France jumped on 96.5 meters in both jumps. As she got lower judges marks then Iraschko, she came only second. As she was only 3.8 points behind Iraschko, she is still in a good basic position for the Winter Tour. “I don’t think about the Tour. I just try to make a good jump and hope that it will be a good result,” she said to Melanie Faisst, the most stable German in this winter, took the third rank (97.5 and 94.5 m).

America’s Jessica Jerome took the fourth rank (92.5 and 97.5 m), ahead of her team-mate Lindsey Van (95.0 and 90.5 m). Sixth came Slovenia’s Eva Logar who jumped on 92.0 and 96.5 meters.

Understandably enough some Italian jumpers passed on jumping today. Therefore it is remarkable, that Evelyn Insam, who competed, even took the seventh place (88.0 and 92.5 m).

As there was no official training yesterday, the jumpers only had the trial round to get used to the reconstructed hill in Schonach. Second-ranked Faisst is happy with the new hill’s profile: “It’s a nice hill, that matches me. The inrun takes a little to get used to it, as it is very icy,” she said to

In the overall Continental Cup Iraschko has extended her lead with this victory. She has now 660 points. Jerome is second (426), Van third (361).

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