Iraschko and Mattel win in Hinterzarten


Daniela Iraschko and Coline Mattel won the two Continental Cups in Hinterzarten today. Eva Logar and Lindsey Van shared the podium with them.

Today two Continental Cup competitions were held on the K95 in Hinterzarten. The first of the two competitions was held as compensation for the cancelled Continental Cup on Sunday in Schonach. The weather conditions in the morning were better then expected, as the predicted rain stayed out. Only some wind disturbed the first competition a little.

The second competition, that was held at noontime, was cancelled after one round. Already during this first round the inrun track was very soft and unstable. Right with the beginning of the second round some snowfall set in. These two issues together made it impossible to jump, so the second round was cancelled after six jumpers.

Daniela Iraschko wins the first competition

Hands down winner of the first competition was Austria’s Daniela Iraschko. With a pair of jumps on 103.0 and 106.5 meters, she had an advantage of more then 20 points on second ranked Coline Mattel from France, who jumped 97.5 and 101.0 meters. Third came Slovenia’s Eva Logar (96.0 and 99.5 meters).

America’s Jessica Jerome took the fourth rank, with jumps on 93.0 and 100.0 meters. Not only because of Logars third rank this competition was very successful for the Slovenian team. Maja Vtic (92.5 and 97.0) and Anja TepeÅ¡ (91.0 and 97.0 m) took the fifth and sixth rank. Å pela Rogelj on the 9th rank completed the good Slovenian team result. “We are in a very good shape. Especially Anja jumped with her full heart today, because her best friend died yesterday in an accident. Now we will continue like this,” said coach Matjaž Triplat to

Victory for Coline Mattel in the second competition

Coline Mattel won the second competition with a jump on 102.5 meters. “I don’t know what had happened in a second round. Maybe I had also won. I am very happy, this is my second victory. I hope that it will happen again,” she said to Iraschko jumped 98.5 and finished second. “Of course I would have attacked in the second round. But it is OK, that it was cancelled,” she said. Third in this competition came America’s Lindsey Van, who jumped 97.0 meters. She was satisfied with this place: “I am having my ups and downs here, so it is good for me that the second round was cancelled,” she said to with a laugh.

Fourth place was taken by Jerome (95.0 m), the fifth rank was shared by Vtic (94.0 m) and Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (93.5 m). Despite they had no jumper among the best six, also the Germans had a very good result as a team in this competition, as five of them placed between the seventh and the thirteenth rank.

Eva Logar, still third in the first competition, came only 25th: “It is hard, if two competitions are within such a short time. One cannot hold concentration for such a long time. It had worked for me, if the second competition had been in the evening,” she said to

Iraschko leads in the 12th Winter Tour

Iraschko is the leader in the standings of the 12. Ladies Winter Tour. She has 629,6 points, second ranked Mattel has 611,3. This is a deficit that still might be reduced by Mattel in the following two competitions in Braunlage.

The overall Continental Cup is also led by Iraschko (840 points). Runner-up Mattel has 540 and third Jerome 526 points.



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Results after the 1st round »
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