Coline Mattel wins in Braunlage


Coline Mattel won Saturday’s competition in Braunlage ahead of Daniela Iraschko and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger.

It was possible to hold a competition today, as the rain, that caused the cancellation of the official training yesterday, stopped in the night. It was a little foggy, but this did not influence the event at all.

With a pair of jumps on 97.5 and 96.5 meters France’s Coline Mattel won the competition hands down. Finally she had an advantage of 36.5 points on runner-up Daniela Iraschko from Austria, who jumped 90.0 and 86.5 meters. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger on the third rank (87.5 and 82.0 m) made it a really pleasant result for the Austrian team.


In general it was a fair competition, but from time to time the wind played a tiny role. While Mattel had very low wind in the first first round, Iraschko was faced with a little tailwind in the last third of the hill. “The conditions at my first jump were not the best ones. But the jump itself was also not well. So I could have done better. But Coline simply jumped sensationally today,” Iraschko said to

With this victory, Mattel took over the lead in the Ladies Winter Tour. She is now 18.2 points ahead of Iraschko, who was wearing the Yellow Jersey since Schonach. “For sure I would be a little disappointed, if I do not win the Tour now. But I still keep the spirit, that I am happy if I jump 100%. And today I did so,” she said to But also Iraschko has not given up the Tour yet: “I try to attack again tomorrow,” she said.

Also the host nation Germany had a good result today. Juliane Seyfarth took the fourth rank (85.0 and 82.5 m), Melanie Faisst came fifth (82.0 and 86.5 m). America’s Jessica Jerome took the sixth rank (83.5 and 83.5 m).

China’s Tong Ma took the 27th place and so gained the first points ever for a Chinese competitor in the Ladies Continental Cup. The Russian jumpers, that all made it to the second round, took their first points of this winter.

The dankish weather did not prevent more then 1000 fans to attend the competition. Particularly in the second round they were making a lot of noise and cheered for all jumpers. “It is great that so many came to see the competition – despite the weather,” said third-ranked Seifriedsberger to Such a high number of spectators is still very rare in the Ladies Continental Cup, but did not fluster the jumpers. “I did not notice the fans until landing, but then it was very nice. So you don’t have a higher pressure because of them,” said Seifriedsberger.

Iraschko still leads the overall CoC. She has now 920 points, second ranked Mattel has 640 points. Third in the ranking is Jerome with 566 points.

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