Positive sign for the Olympics


IOC Vice President Gunilla Lindberg expressed her assertive opinion on Ladies Skijumping at Olympics.

Right after the Ladies Skijumping competition at the Nordic World Ski Championships, that was held in Oslo on Friday under very difficult weather conditions, Gunilla Lindberg, Vice President of The International Olympic Committee from Sweden, made a generous comment on the inclusion of Ladies Skijumping to the Olympic program.

“I am impressed with what I have seen here today. The level among female ski jumpers is high, and the progress during the last two years is enormous. We must take in to consideration the difficult conditions. It is also good to see that many countries are joining the competition, 43 athletes is good. I am impressed by the fact that they can jump under these conditions, and it’s great to feel the atmosphere. Now we have studied ski jumping for ladies, and we will do our reports before the decisions are being made,” she said to the organizing committee’s media service.

A final decision by the IOC is expected during the next couple of month.