Germany nominated teams for next season


Germany has now released it’s squad list for the upcoming season.

Germany’s national ski association, Deutscher Skiverband (DSV), nominated it’s teams for the 2011/12 season. Thirteen athletes claimed a place in the squad, that consists of two training groups and a promotion group.

In addition to the training groups, all athletes are ranked from A to C by performance criteria. Due to their good results in the last winter Melanie Faisst, Juliane Seyfarth and Ulrike Grässler were classified into the A-group.


Training group Ia

  • Melanie Faisst (A)
  • Ulrike Grässler (A)
  • Juliane Seyfarth (A)
  • Anna Häfele (B)
  • Jenna Mohr (B)

Training group IIa

  • Anna Rupprecht (C)
  • Katharina Althaus (C)
  • Svenja Würth (C)
  • Ramona Straub (C)
  • Veronika Zobel (C)
  • Carina Vogt (C)

Promotion group

  • Magdalena Schnurr (C2)
  • Lucienne Höppner (C2)