Team check: Czech Republic


Ahead of the first World Cup season takes a close look at all national teams. Today the Czech team is in the focus.

With more then 100 starts in the Continental Cup, Vladena Pustkova is the most experienced Czech jumper. Measured on her performance in the past, a finish among the top twenty must be her standard, also for World Cups. Michaela Dolezelova jumps almost on the same performance level as Pustkova and so is also a hot candidate for regular top twenty results. As both still have room for improvements, also some top ten results might be possible.

This year Lucie Mikova absolved her best summer season ever. If she jumps likewise in the winter, she has good chances to see the second round in many competitions.

The aspiring Czech junior jumpers Michaela Rajnochova and Barbora Blazkova are both only 14 years old, and so are not permitted to start at World Cups, as an age of 15 is required by the rules. They can only use the six Continental Cups, that will be held this winter, to gain more experience. But of course also the Junior World Championships should be a goal for them.