Ladies Cup callendar updated


 Additional events in Höhnhart and Ziri, but no competition in Braunlage.

The callendar of the Ladies Cup, the junior series in Ladies Skijumping, has been updated. The competitions that were originally planned in March in Braunlage (GER) were cancelled, instead additional competitions will be held in Höhnhart (AUT) and in Ziri (SLO).

Competition Venues 2011-2012:

1. Höhnhart (AUT) HS 55 16.12.-18.12.2011
2. Ziri (SLO) HS 66 13.01.-15.01.2012
3. Achomitz (AUT) HS 55 20.01.-22.01.2012
4. Isny (GER) HS 68 10.02.-12.02.2012
5. Toblach (ITA) HS 74 17.02.-19.02.2012