Rovaniemi: Takanshi wins second CoC


Sara Takanshi won on Tuesday evening in Rovaniemi ahead of Ursa Bogataj and Katja Pozun.

The second Continental Cup of this winter was held on the K90 in Rovaniemi this evening. The competition was originally planned for tomorrow but rescheduled to today on short hand. The first competition was held only hours earlier.

Japan’s Sara Takanashi won the competition with jumps on 94.5 and 92.0 meters. Ranks 2 to 4 were all taken by the Slovenian team. Second came Ursa Bogataj (94.0 and 88.0 m), third Katja Pozun (91.5 and 86.5 m) who had won the first competition this afternoon.

Spela Rogelj (85.0 and 88.5 m) and Maja Vtic (86.0 and 85.5 m) completed the good Slovenian result on ranks four and five. Finland’s Julia Kykkänen came sixth with a pair of jumps on 82.5 and 89.0 m. 18 competitors from 7 countries attended the competition.

In the overall Continental Cup standings the first rank is shared by Takanashi and Pozun. Both have 160 points. Also the third rank is shared by two athletes. Rogelj and Bogataj have both 130 points.

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