Team check: Slovenia


Ahead of the first World Cup season takes a close look at all national teams. Today we continue this series with Slovenia.

Slovenia’s best jumper, Eva Logar, will miss this season, as she tore her ACL some weeks ago. But with it’s high number of top-class jumpers the team has good chances to compensate her absence.

Maja Vtic is the most experienced Slovenian. There were only few competitions this year where she did not make it to the top ten. So this simply has to be her standard. She won three Continental Cups so far, but is she also able to win a World Cup?

Also the silver medalist of the 2011 Junior World Ski Championships, Spela Rogelj, made it several times to the top ten in the last winter. This summer she jumped a little weaker, but normally she should be able to make again some results among the bests this winter.

After a three-year long break from ski jumping, Katja Pozun returned to the hills this summer. Since she performed very well in all competitions. Her win in this winter’s first CoC must not be overvalued, as many jumpers were missing there. Nevertheless she should make it to the second round always and on good days she even has the potential for a top ten finish.

Anja Tepes jumped with a lot of ups and downs in the last years. There were competitions where she missed the second round and others where she made it to the top ten. So her performance is totally unpredictable.

Also Ursa Bogataj made it from time to time to the top ten in the past, but most likely she will be fighting to make it to the top twenty in most competitions.

The young talent Ema Klinec jumped very strong this summer and took several top ten ranks. But unfortunately she may not start at World Cups, because she is only 13 years old and the rules require an age of 15.

Barbara Klinec and Manja Pograjc competed only at few Continental Cups in the last years. Both were always fighting to see the second round. While Klinec accomplished this goal regularly, Pograjc made it to the second round only rarely.